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Do you know that you can generally narrow your search results by double quoting a string of words for a near exact match ( "double quote" is computer terminology for a quotation mark ( " ) to distinguish it from "single quote" which is an apostrophe ( ' )  ) ?  For example, the double quoted string "drag torque" will eliminate those sites that do not have drag and torque together and in that order, or at least put the unwanted sites lower in the list.  However, if you put your name in double quotes with middle initial included,  then usually the specific value of the middle initial is ignored.  This middle initial problem has diminished in Google recently.

In Google if you put site: in front of a dominan name, then the search is restricted to that domain name. For example: DNC or dnc .

There are many differences between search engines.  I find moderately good results with and, but there is a lot of noise (unwanted clutter --- for example glossaries when you want a product).

We use the spelling  "gage" and "gaging" instead of "gauge" and "gauging" because it is simpler, more common for electronic gaging, and is given greater emphasis in Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary. This previous sentence is for the sole purpose that if you use gauge instead of gage when using a search engine that we should show up in the result.

Some External Web Sites.

For your reference, the following are some interesting or useful external links: Only a few of these load fast at "dial up" speed.   Such as: the trip report on Fadal and HAAS by Alan Frisbie, and The "Cold War Warrior" by Maurice F. Crommie. We can not currently find the "Cold War Warrior" on the Internet.

As of  050130-1602 all of the following sources linked, and many returned with the Internet Explorer BACK function, and others by Microsoft RED X.

LTEK is a user of Betatronics RS232 Isolators.

Source of "form taps" good taps but web site hard to use.

A useful coolant --- Blasocut 2000 Universal Art 870.


Taps, etc. EMUGE has a large printed tap drill chart. I can not find reference to this chart on the web site, but at least the web site gives you contact information.

An ASCII Alphabet table showing ASCII conversion to Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal, and HTML

Discussion of a 1997 tour of HAAS and Fadal plants by Alan Frisbie.

Frequently asked questions. Some useful parts are:
     --- Ethernet pin assignments section 3.8 and 3.9.
     --- Propagation delay section 3.11.
     --- Physical layer section 3.1.
     --- IEEE Specifications section 2.5.

Discussion on HUB, SWITCH, and ROUTER              then pick SWITCH/HUB or ROUTER

A switch source (for example EF3116)

Another switch source (for example series 2950)<br>

Leap year, several references. This was a big issue several years ago because many computer algorithms for date were wrong.

One reference I found at that time was "The Handy Space Answer Book", see Calendar p 256.

Some side bits --- Columbus discovered America in 1492 on October 12 (Ann Arbor library reference section said that October 12 was in Columbus' log). This was under the Julian calendar. From the Space Book p258 "By 1582, under the Julian calendar, the beginning of spring" (vernal equinox) "had moved back to March 11 ---".

The Gregorian calendar introduced a 10 day shift and eliminated leap years on those centuries not evenly divisible by 400. Thus, 1600, 2000, 2400, etc. are leap years, but not the intervening centuries.

Under the Julian calendar the autumnal (fall) equinox was approximately Sept. 13 or 14 in 1492. Thus, Columbus arrived about 28 days after the equinox. Someone can research this and give me an exact value. So if we count days from the equinox this year, then a more accurate date relative to the seasons would be 22 October for the date Columbus discovered America.

George Washington's birthday, 1732, brings up a different aspect. By the way, how do you remember 1732, this is the square root of 3 and Washington's birth year. From my high school physics teacher, Max Irland. Generally in the English world the Gregorian calendar was not adopted until Sept. 3/14 1752 (Funk & Wagnalls under calander). Washington was born Feb. 11, 1732 under the Julian calendar, and Feb. 22 under the Gregorian Calendar. Some internet sites can be found from
       ( but site is not working 14 March 2004)


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