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* I232 assembly of RJ45 CAT-5E Crossover Cable *

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* I232 RJ45 CABLE Assembly

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The I232 Isolation System requires an interconnect cable between the two end points using good quality CAT-5E cable terminated in RJ45 connectors. This must be wired as a crossover cable. This means a T-568A connection at one end and a T-568B at the other end. You must also use the correct connector for the cable. Solid and stranded wire cables require different connectors.

If the connectors are terminated before pulling the cable, then protect the connectors while pulling.

We normally use unshielded CAT-5E cable because the communication system has good noise immunity. However, keep the cable away from high voltage wiring, and other noise sources, such as welders and plasma torches and their wiring.

Making the Terminations:

The terminations are defined as follows: T-568A T-568B Pin Number Color Pin Number Color 1 white/green 1 white/orange 2 green 2 orange 3 white/orange 3 white/green 4 blue 4 blue 5 white/blue 5 white/blue 6 orange 6 green 7 white/brown 7 white/brown 8 brown 8 brown

P1 --- CAT-5E Termination T-568A.

P2 --- CAT-5E Termination T-568B.


Use good quality components and tools. We use
AMP 2-231652-0 with the WHITE Dot die set for the crimping tool. This has steel components, a latch mechanism, and linear motion.

AMP 5-569278-2 connector for solid wire.
AMP 5-558530-3 connector for stranded wire.

See the following photos for the structure of the solid wire connector contact, and assembly technique.

The solid wire contact has three tangs which straddle the solid wire, whereas the stranded contact tang pokes thru the stranded wire, and if used on a solid wire might shear it in two.


P3 --- RJ45 Connector properly crimped.

P4 --- Improperly crimped RJ45 Connector.

P5 --- RJ45 Connector Contact for Solid Wire.
This splits around the solid wire.

P6 --- RJ45 Contact Showing Outer Tang Contacting Side of Wire.

P7 --- RJ45 Wire Preparation. First step.

P8 --- RJ45 Wire Preparation. Second step.

P9 --- RJ45 Wire Preparation. Third step.

P10 --- RJ45 Wire Preparation. Fourth step.

P11 --- RJ45 Wire Preparation. Fifth step.

P12 --- RJ45 Wire Preparation. Sixth step.

P13 --- AMP 2-231652-0 Crimping Tool.

P14 --- AMP White Dot Die Set for RJ45.


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